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EyzaatheBelle posted:
Hello I am pregnant with my first child and I really want to have a natural birth. I was wondering if Lamaze is enough? Some of my friends swear by it while others say i'll crack and be begging for drugs....I was just wondering if Lamaze classes are enough or if I should look in to other methods?
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24361female responded:
im having my fourth and all my children were natural. i never did lamaze classes. my first i had an epis. done because i tore but the others i was fine. i have my fairly fast so i opt out not to do drugs but u have to be your own judge
TWalker02840 responded:
Try prenatal yoga, I did it with my 2nd and had both natural. yoga really helped stretching those core muscles and breathing techniques. Im 7 wks w/ #3 and I'll do it this time too. I would like to mention that I don't do yoga all time, i am completly new at it and still found it helpful.
ReneeSP replied to TWalker02840's response:
A midwife I interviewed told me lamaze was kind of useless, and that something like hypnobirthing would be more effective. She also suggested stretching and certain exercises (they have a section on prenatal exercise in the pregnancy section of this website and also in most pregnancy books). I looked into lamaze and the whole idea seemed kind of silly, but this is my first so I've never tried it. I'm going to look into hypnobirthing and see how that appeals to me and try the stretching and exercise.

Don't listen to anyone who tells you you'll crack and beg for drugs; I find that a lot of moms who give me advice about it went in unprepared or with the midset already that they wanted drugs and didn't intend to make it without. If it's really important to us, I think we can do it! The fact that you want to do it means you're tough enough. I've decided I'm just not going to be scared of the birth. The pain is temporary!

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