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Pain Management
GigiSage posted:
So what are you excited to try for pain management during labor? If you are a second (or more!) time Mommy - what did you find helpful during your labor(s)?
GigiSage responded:
I am pretty excited about my labor ball and using aromatherapy during labor. Every painful contraction I have my labor ball makes it seem less painful and also relieves my back pain! I may never get rid of it from my living room! Aromatherapy has always interested me and my doula is getting some essential oils from her friends that does it for a living to bring to my labor.
MtnPrincess responded:
2 words - LABOR POOL. :D SO excited for that. With DS I had prodromal labor (over about 3 days) and the best think in the world was to be in the shower (our tub is too small) with the warm water running over me. I kinda wish I'd stayed home with DS a little longer to enjoy that.

DH is also a huge thing for me. I know that sounds funny, but having him near and touching me/holding me up/whatever helps SO much. I spent about 4 of my 5 hours of hospital labor with DS draped over his arm, poor guy. :)

I'm also interested in aromatherapy. I haven't talked to my mw yet about what she does as far as that is concerned, but I definitely want some stuff around.
GigiSage replied to MtnPrincess's response:
I am actually looking forward to laboring in a tub. I don't know how much I will want DH to touch me as this is our first but I know he would jump up to comfort me no matter what.
janessas1 replied to GigiSage's response:
I rented a birth tub to use at home and I am really looking forward to using that! We already have it in the house, but haven't gotten around to setting it up yet. My midwife said it only takes about 30 minutes, so I figured we would wait until labor starts so it doesn't take up half of our bedroom while we wait.
I had a labor ball, but it got a hole in it about a week ago. :(
Don't know yet if I'll bother buying another one. I think I'll be in the water for most of the time, and I can't use the ball in there, so I probably won't.
Since I'll be at home too, i can eat and drink whatever, whenever I want, so I also loaded up on easy to eat snacks like popsicles and jello. I've very happy I won't have to go through labor hungry or thirsty!
GigiSage replied to janessas1's response:
That is the good part about not getting any meds. You can have a liquid diet at my hospital. They only restrict it if you are getting induced or having an epidural. :) Plus I plan on laboring at home as long as possible so I will make sure I eat well before going in.
deborahann139 responded:
My birthing ball was a lifesaver, especially with my second that I had to be induced with. Even with the IV/monitor I was able to get out of bed and sit on it and it really helped me get through contractions. Even during the later part of pregnancy it felt really good to sit on. With my first I just walked around a lot and I think that helped.

As far as eating, that was the last thing I was thinking about or wanting to do, at least as labor progressed and contractions were coming often and regularly.
janessas1 replied to deborahann139's response:
Yeah, I figured I won't want anything heavy to eat, but incase I'm in labor for a while and need an energy burst, I figured that popsicles with sugar my help. I think I will just walk for the most part until my labor get so strong I can't, and then I'll move to the birthing tub.

Who knows though, I've never done this before, so things could go a completely different way once the time comes!

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