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RH negative
peachychick54 posted:
Hi everyone! I'm so excited to find out that there is a natural birth support group on here, even though I'm not pregnant yet and not TTC, lol. But my DH and I are planning to get pregnant within the next couple of years and I have always wanted a natural birth at a birthing center. But I recently found out that my blood type is B- and therefore I am RH negative. Does anyone else have this? Would it keep me from having my baby at a birth center? Would I be considered "high risk"? Any info you might have would help. Thanks
Amy18616 responded:
Hi, I'm A-. My DH is O . I've had to have RhoGam shots during my pregnancy. You get 1 during, and 1 after to make sure that if the baby is , at birth when the blood crosses, your body doesn't make antibodies and attack the baby's system.

Remember math class, postives and negatives? With 2 , no shots. With 2 -, no shots. It's onky - & .

Good luck!

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