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Another appointment today
GigiSage posted:
So I came back in for my second appointment this week and I was offered an induction but originally turned it down. Now I am rethinking that decision. Well sort of... I didn't ask any questions about it and now the doctor will be giving me a call back later this afternoon because I have a lot of questions about what it would entail and such. I am only a fingertip dialated and that is my biggest reservation. I have a list of things I need to ask him when he calls. I will let you all know what he says and what we decide, DH has already said he would stand by any decision I made. I called my doula and she gave me ideas of things I should ask about when he calls.
GigiSage responded:
Well we are set up for an induction on Sunday. We are doing the tape to ripen my cervix overnight and we are hoping and praying that will be enough to send me into labor. My doula recommends it because of all the inductions she has seen the tape has been the most successful. She has even had clients go into full labor just from that. We also like the idea of waiting until Sunday night because it gives us some more time to try to go in on our own or at least to hopefully dialate a bit. Plus she also told us that most of her clients go at 41 weeks and 1 day which would be Sunday for me. I did talk to the doctor about the pitcocin rate. He told me about the two different protocols that they use and that I can talk to my doctor before the pitocin starts about the rate. I have already decided I want to be started at 1 mu and I only want it turned up once an hour. He said that was fine and that I and the doctor can re-evaluate it throughout the day.

It was actually a little funny when the nurse called to answer my questions she was going over the basics and then I asked a bunch of specific questions about the pitocin and she kind of just stopped talking and then quietly said 'I will get you Dr Barker...' LOL! When I told my doula about it she just laughed and said the nurse has probably never talked to an expecting mother that actually asked questions like I was. Dr Barker was very happy I called back he said he was worried if I waited another week then I would be setting myself up for a c-section. He didn't want to push me into anything I wasn't ready for though. He said if I wanted to I could skip the induction and just have a c-section. Which I wouldn't do and he said he knew I wouldn't want that and that was why he didn't offer it (we were talking about the size of the baby) and that I should try labor. He said some women just need a little extra push into labor.
Lisating replied to GigiSage's response:
Good luck, Sunday is my God daughter's birthday, my birthday is on Monday, 2 year's ago I was in the hospital helping my bff deliver her dd, so sweet...don't you just love spring;-)
GigiSage replied to Lisating's response:
Thank you! I am really hoping that the tape is all I will need and it will send me into full labor.

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