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Changes in hand coordination and ability to think.
Sparky4325 posted:
Hi there,

I'm 27, male, and not currently on any medications. I haven't had any recent radiography or anything like that. I don't have any previous diagnoses.
I've been noticing that for the past year or so that my hands don't quite do what I tell them to when it comes to fine motor control. For instance, I will transpose or skip letters while typing. The problem is very noticeable when playing video games as I have trouble hitting the correct key/button even when I am well familiar with their respective use. I am also beginning to have trouble playing the keyboard or guitar.
I also have slight trouble reaching for things accurately. If I need to open a door my hand will occasionally miss the knob as an example. This is especially apparent if I am not looking directly at what I am trying to grab yet know where the object is placed. Perhaps related to this I will grab the door knob and then walk into the door before I manage to open it.
These things happen enough that I am beginning to think that there may be something going wrong. They are also getting progressively, though slowly, worse.
In addition to this I've noticed that I am having trouble multitasking. If I am concentrating on something it is incredibly hard for me to hear someone talking as an example. This is to the degree that I often do not even register that I was being spoken to. Previously I had no trouble doing something like transcribing while holding a conversation.
When I have to do more than one thing at once I find myself having to repeatedly start the tasks over again as well as forgetting what all it is I need to do. This happens even when I have a relatively short list of simple tasks to accomplish.
I am losing my ability to plan effectively. I am a very organized person but I find myself becoming more and more disorganized in practically all aspects. I can't create and then follow a route anymore; driving around without a map or GPS, or even going grocery shopping often involves a lot of wandering.
Sometimes when I am attempting to concentrate on something, particularly when I need to concentrate hard, I get an intense feeling like I need to move around which in turn makes it harder to concentrate. It is generally only alleviated by doing something else for a moment or moving in place (such as bouncing my foot or tapping my hands, usually at a very rapid pace).
Generally speaking when any of the above happens I become very easily frustrated or mad/grumpy for no reason.
I am pretty sure I had more to mention but honestly I've forgotten what it was. Is this sound like something that comes natural with getting older or do I have something that needs to be checked out? I have very little money so I am hesitant to go to a doctor for what could amount to nothing.

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