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Recurrent Headaches/Visual Disturbances
mikejw posted:
Really worried what might be going on with me.

Basically for just over a year had hedaches on and off on alternate sides of the temples. Paracetamol used to take them off when they occuured then only co-codamol (8/500) but over the Christmas just gone I noticed a deterioration in vision in my left eye and pulsating/flickery vision. I also noticed really sweaty palms at times and fever like symptoms. At this point the co-codamol stopped to help with the headaches. Saw a GP who tested my distance vision and as that was fine looked more at the headaches. She said I appeared very nervous and gave me diazepam 2mg to try and calm me down saying temparture and BP all fine.. Returning to GP next they suspected Temporal Artertis (although still strongly suspected anxiety) and so ordered some bloods (including C Reactive Protein) but all bloods came back clear. Advised eye test. Saw Optician who checked my sight and found only a slight prescription change and also did a dilated pupil exam. They said this was all clear. Saw GP again and they referred me to a Neurologist in 2 weeks time. Now my anxiety is through the roof and I even started to get dizzy spells. Went to A&E with that. Bloods/blood pressure/pulse/sats all normal. Was told I felt like this as I was on a high dose of Citalopram (went upto 60mg a day a year ago) was told to cut down on this gradually (on 40mg a day at the moment) and they gave me co-codamol 30/500 and neproxin 500 to take. Neither of which help that much. If anything I suspect codeine might make the headaches worse or maybe help the existing one but give me a codeine headache instead. Also get periods where everything goes really bright with the headaches and sometimes dull. GP suspected Migraine for that and suggested Sumatriptan for then suspecting Migraine but to know I've been anxious to use that because of it's interaction with SSRIs and not really feeling confident I have migraine. Really worried what might be going on in the lead up to see a Neurologist and would appreciate any advice.

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