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Brain Pains and Injury
An_250633 posted:
Hello my name is branden, i have had some health issues quickly develop over the course of 5-6 months last year. I want to know if it is possible to lose eyesight and have head pains in addition to memory loss,reading and subvocal speech issues due to a back and hip injury. There is head pains associated to the center and rear of my brain as-well as spasms,tightness and pain in the neck.

I had an MRI of the hip and lower back but nothing was found other than a degenerative disc concern. Meanwhile i have bones moving and popping in various locations of my spine and hip. I have siatica in both legs and a "pinched nerve" supposedly. I have also developed a degenerative disc concern post the injury after a year. I am doing alot of searching and explaining with not much luck or response from docs. So going through a long process due to insurance and having my symptoms become worse by the day is difficult. I really do need some insight.

The strangest symptoms is the uvula in the back of my throat and the tissue it hangs from has sunken atleast 3 inches down my throat. I consistently choke on the tissue in my mouth when breathing or swallowing. There is also a flapping noise in the nasal cavity in addition to my cheeks swelling. The tissues behind the ears hurt occasionally.

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