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Suffering symptoms of small fiber neuropathy but not yet diagnosed
An_251055 posted:
About 5 years ago, my upper left outer thigh began having burning tearing sensations. I kind of wondered if it was due to the problems I have in my knees, arthritis and an old injury etc. But after feeling those spreading tearing feelings, I began to get sharp stabbing pains that felt like a knife over & over again in the same area. It has continued, and comes at unexpected times out of the blue, and takes my breath away from the pains. There is damage to the nerves, because when I touch the skin in that area, it feels numb and yet very tender & sensitive. I have fibromyalgia and am hypo-thyroid and diabetic. I had a nerve conduction test done and the neurologist diagnosed me with no damage, but probably the iliotibial band was causing the pain. From what I have read, and from what it feels like, it doesn't sound like that, it sounds more like small fiber neuropathy to me. I am going to ask my doctor if I should have a skin biopsy. I dont take any anti-depressants because I am afraid to, I need to lose lots of weight and those would likely cause weight gain. Any input or suggestions are welcome, (other than the obvious to lose weight which I am doing). thanks for any wisdom offered.
lifes responded:
Doctors don't seem to connect "nerve pain" to "neuropathy!" You might need to educate them. Other meds might be:

Neurontin - Gabapentin

Lyrica - newer anti-depressant


Sorry it took so long to answer; I've been ill.


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