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is this serious
An_256919 posted:
I fell last August and had 4 staples in my head well since then I have some symptoms with sleeping always feels like I have a hat on and I don't wear one I feel noshua if something touches my head or when I lean over is this normal here it is 8 months later
lifes responded:

The scalp is highly vascular, meaning, it has many small blood vessels throughout the scalp. This is why body heat escapes more easily from the head, and why even a small head gash or wound bleeds so much more.

The head/scalp also has many small nerve branches, including supraorbital, supratrochlear, and zygomaticotemporal nerves. This website uses medical language, so it might be hard to understand, but it shows illustrations of nerve pathways:

Basically, every hair shaft and the skin have dermatomes from afferent nerves that allow us to feel the smallest sensations. For example, wind just blowing against head hair gives off sensations.

With a head wound, the wound itself and sutures (stitches) or staples all interrupt the normal or usual nerve sensations. Certain nerve injuries can cause very strange symptoms, like "stocking-glove" which is the sensation of wearing socks...or gloves... (depending on body area affected). A feeling of a "tight hat" or head "wrapped in cloth" are well known during certain types of headache syndromes or can occur after a stapled or sutured head wound.

Nausea, nausea with postural changes (like bending over) could relate to either a headache syndrome or the interrupted sensations from nerves. I would wonder if it's a headache syndrome?

Either way, this isn't 'in your head', though it affects your head. Talk to your doctor for some ideas about how to lessen this sensation.


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