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Recent neuro visit left me feeling more confused than before
jules1202 posted:
37 Yr old female

I have been referred to a major neuro center for further diagnosis by my neuro but my appointment isn't till end of July so I went back to my neuro hoping for more help & it was rather confusing.

Originally went to neuro in '12 because of severe migraines (20 days/mnth of pain) & numbness on my arms & clonus in ankles.
He did an MRI of brain & neck that only showed arthritis in the neck (I already knew about that & it doesn't bother me much)
He diagnosed migraines and started preventative meds.
After a few different meds things finally improved & my migraines are pretty well managed now with only about 4 or 5 a month (I take 50 mg topamax and migrelief OTC)

Continuing symptoms since 2012 and before include:
Occassional issues with blurry vision & seeing colors/spots (outside of migraines) (Eye dr hasn't seen any issues except my eyes are partially dialated all the time but vision is good)
Constipation - not talking about occasional stuff, everyday life that started very suddenly 2 yrs ago, now can't live without miralax even though I am one of those rare people who eats lots of raw fruits & veggies every day, drinks water, eats whole grain, & gets plnty of exercise - went to gastro & had a colonoscopy last fall, said all was normal & I should just use miralax everyday
Occasional bouts of fatigue for a week or so then I bounce back Occasional dizzy spells but I have always just assumed I must have fluid in my ears when it happens
Right side of my body is slightly weaker (know this since I work out with weights routinely - but I still make myself use the same amount each side) & occasionally drag my right foot out of the blue
About 6 months ago, my bladder started going south big time (already had some issues but it got much worse), spasms, frequency, incontinence

Recent issues starting end of March
Started with about 2 weeks of mind-numbing "caffience doesn't touch it" fatigue; during which time I had nausea, a couple bouts of vertigo, and some minor twitchy muscles
Fatigue stuck around after that but only came & went after that so much more managable, dizzy spells got horrible
Started having issues with rt side of my face (used to be the left side long time ago) feeling numb & sections of my legs going numb.
Problem with my rt leg feeling numb was bad enough that I was walking funny and it was making my knee & hip hurt
Alot of issues with muscle spasms mostly in the legs
Coordination has been way off (typing off, breaking things, spilling drinks)

Got into neuro yesterday due to all the new symptoms to see if he could help (he had a student trainee there & was very distracted the whole appointment):
Clonus in lft ankle, sustained clonus in rt ankle
Continued hyper reflexes & some other reflexes in the fingers & such I can't name
He said I only have a slight reflex reaction in my jaw & my muscles are strong so he doesn't think I have a real issue. (BUT this confused me because I go to circuit training wkly where we do core strengthening exercises, some of which are the same exercises they do in phys therapy to build strength. I work REALLY hard to keep my strenth & lately it has been SO VERY hard to keep my strength & balance)
After that he said to me, "You don't have any bladder or bowel issues do you?" (I have talked to him about them before) so I reminded him that yes I have both & they have both started in the last few yrs.

He did schedule me for a full MRI & also eletro nerve testing on my rt side but he made it pretty clear he doesn't believe they will find anything (in fairness partly bc my last MRI in '12 didn't find anything & I had hyper reflexes & clonus then)

Overall I walked away from the appoint feeling like he thought I was crazy & questioning myself. On a brighter note I have started to feel better since Sunday so maybe turning a corner to feeling more normal again.

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