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Enfamil is better than similac
willow0505 posted:
SO the question always seems to be which formula is better. I have asked two different pediatricians and they all say that Similac and Enfamil are the same. Well, I was at costco and I wanted to check out the Kirkland brand. On the back of the package they show a side by side comparison of Similac, Enfamil, and the Kirkland brand. When it comes to DHA and ARA (for baby's brain and eye development). Both the Enfamil and Kirkland brand have almost twice the amount as Similac. It is my understanding that this stuff is pretty important, so why would anyone use Similac?
mol13 responded:
Sorry but artificial DHA and ARA can't really be used by the body, so there is no benefit to having them in formula.
Minnmommy responded:
Don't know.. but I'm sure Similac isn't bad. After all, WIC uses it in MN. I'm sure WIC wouldn't use it if it didn't support a baby's needs. If you've ever had to deal with them you know how fanatical they can be about baby's health. My son's doctor really seems to prefer Similac over Good Start or Enfamil. He didn't say they're bad, but seems to think that Similac is closer to breast milk in terms of contents. This isn't something I've done research on, this is just my dealings with Similac so far and I've been happy with it. I have used Similac for my son since he was about a month old and in many areas he's ahead of the curve and a very very smart baby.
wantingbaby123 responded:
I did the comparing too. I know what you mean. I guess it is all good. I started using WalMart brand and it says the same thing on the back of the package. It says its the same as Enfamil but different than Similac. My understanding is that it is a little different but all still meets regulations. I am just glad that i don't have to eat that stuff. LOL!!! Have you ever tasted it? LOL!!! :sillygrin: :eek:
MizzCoreta26 responded:
we use the kirkland brand! It is sooo much cheaper and has the exact same stuff as everything else and like you said even more than what similac has. We do use similac occasionally we tried enfamil once and I don't if it was just the actual formula or what but Cole spit up like crazy from it but Costco's is such a bettter deal!
SierraJ99 responded:
Similac gave my baby bad gas. He would scream for hours just a little after drinking his bottle. As soon as I switched over to Enfamil/Parents Choice (wal-mart brand) the gas problems disappeared. The only difference I noticed on the Similac vs. Enfamil is that Enfamil has less carbs.
ABouldware responded:
I tried to feed my daughter Similac since I'm on WIC but it made her extremely fussy and constipated. I finally had to switch back to Enfamil and it's been working great for her.
superjunkplace responded:
Similac also gives my DD really bad gas. I prefer enfamil, we haven't had any issues! And we just decided to switch to walmart's brand since it's exactly the same as enfamil. The texture isn't as fine, but it seems to mix well, despite that, so we'll see how it goes. :grin:

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