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My baby won't stop throwing up
NealyW posted:
My little boy turned 4 months yesterday and for the past week or so he has had a little cough. Well when I'm feeding him I stop him so he can burp which he hates. He gets worked up and begins to cough harder and harder until he throws up. We went to his 4 month checkup today and told his doctor but she didn't say anything about it. I've changed my shirt 5 times today b/c he has thrown up on me over and over again. I'd like to know if this is a common thing or if it's something to worry about. Please help!
wannababy20082009 responded: your pedi said you think your lo is getting sick? have you though about givin your lo pediatlyet to make sure he isnt getting dehyrated? can you call the nurses at the hospital- in the nursery and ask for their suggestions? i called the hospital nursery alot when my son first got here....what if you dont burph him- does it keep the milk down then? you could try and not burp him until a couple minutes after feeding him or also give him gas drops to help get the gas out that way too.....and for your shirt- try covering yourself with a blanket before feeding him- so you wont have to change clothes again and again...does he have acid reflux you think? how long has he been throwing up? if he is throwing everything up- i would try giving him some pedialtye for sure- it cant hurt him. hope it gets better..hang in there..
molly88888 responded:
I agree with pp, your pedi should have said something about the vomiting..sounds liek either he could have a virus, but vomiting can be a good casue for concern. Has he laways done in, or just more recently? My ds used to throw a fit when I stopped to burp him at 4 months, so I let him go and burped when he was finished. AS they get older, they may not need to burp in between ounces, and they think their I quit trying to burp him because he got so worked up, and it was much easier doing it when he was finished. Sounds liek your LO could besick so I would keep an eye on him and call the pedi back.
NealyW responded:
Well the pedi asked if he was running a fever and he hasn't been. See the thing is he eats 8 oz and sometimes wants more .. his daddy is 6'7" and our boy is 26in and 14 lbs 8 oz at 4 months. He's a big boy. Sometimes he eats so fast that I'm scared not to burp him b/c he just downs it. And the shirt thing ... well I always have a receiving blanket over my shoulder when he burps .. but he's bringing 6-8 oz back up and its inevitable that its gonna get on my shirt ...blanket or not. He is on sensitive formula when he's not nursing do you think he could have developed a little bit of lactose intolerance?

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