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Purple penis?
HobbitMomma posted:
I'm a new mom and I've never dealt with little boys before and neither has my mom. Today the head of my son's penis looked terrifyingly purple. Could this be an infection or a sign of bad circulation or is it completely normal and we're just freaking out?
March_mommy2be responded:
is your DS circ'd? DS had a purple penis off and on after his circ, and I was worried but all the info I found said its normal as long as theres no puss and no fever, it said the penis will change different colors for awhile because its not used to being out in the open air i guess.
HobbitMomma responded:
Yes he is and he's almost two months old, he's about 7 weeks right now. But you do think it sounds normal?
crystalandlennyp responded:
It is normal. I have two boys and they both were circumsized. They change back to a normal color after a couple months.
IslandGirl58 responded:
It's funny you mention this because I said the same thing to my DH a few weeks ago!! I was changing DS's diaper and I looked at it was SERIOUSLY purple!! I freaked out a bit and asked DH to come look at it, and he just shrugged and said, "Yeah, what about it?" So I asked if that was normal and he said yes, that it tends to get less purple as he gets a bit older, but that it's very normal for little boys' penises to appear purple, and that even with adult men they're sort of purplish. I assume if he's not circumcised we wouldn't see that, but my son is circ'd as well.
jacksmama0709 responded:
My son's did the same thing and it freaked me out too. I looked it up in my baby care book and it said that it's actually an erection. When the cold air from changing the diapers or using a cold wet wipe hits it it gets stimulated. We bought one of those wipe warmers to see if it would make diaper changing less traumatic for him and it has helped that situation too.

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