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Baby Doesn't Cry????
EarthMama09 posted:
Apparently I am just full of questions this week ladies! So, I am totally not complaining, but my DD never cries. I have heard her cry three times. When she was born, when she was getting blood drawn, and when she had her first bath. All three of which were at the hospital. Since we have gotten home she hasn't made a peep. She makes lots of cooing noises in her sleep, but doesn't ever cry for food, wet diapers, or anything. I think that part of it is that this time around it is easier to recognize hunger cues and such, but seriously. I am worried. Her pedi didn't think it was anything to worry about because she passed her hearing test, but still- what baby doesn't cry? Do any of you have quiet babies? DS was a very 'good baby' as far as ease of care, but even he cried often... Am I being paranoid?
scperdomo responded:
i I don't have any experience with a quiet baby - DS doesn't cry a whole lot, but definitely does if we wait too long to feed him! i You've heard him cry a few times and you said your doc doesnt seem to be too worried and he makes other noises.... maybe you've just got a really chill baby on your hands?
superjunkplace responded:
I agree with sounds like you've been blessed! :sillygrin:
Bailey98029 responded:
Well for the first few weeks, DD only cried when she was hungry. Unlike you, I didn't try to head her off at the pass so she actually had to cry before I would go feed her. Usually, because she was sleeping at the time and I was going to let her keep sleeping until she really needed to eat. Now that she's older we are getting more gas cries but she's still not a huge crier. At this point you are probably being paranoid. She's only a couple weeks old so give her time to figure out there are a lot more things to cry about! Otherwise, just feel blessed with a quiet baby!
zlaylaz responded:
I am sure you are just blessed. Oh and the nephew was born profoundly deaf and cried a whole lot. SO.....I am not sure if they are even related. Lucky girl you are!!!
rockinmama18 responded:
Nope. This time around I have a fussy high maintenance little man with a touch of colic in the evenings. But with DD, she was just like your DD. She was a super easy baby and very mild manored, calm and quiet. She would sorta moan and suck her fist when she was hungry but still never cried. She squealed once or twice when we changed her clothes and she was cold. But other than that... not a peep. EVER! We were like you and concerned about it. At her 2 mo appt, she got her first round of shots and only cried maybe a total of 5 seconds. As soon as the needle came out from the last shot, she was quiet again. We asked the pedi and he assured us she was just a happy baby and nothing was wrong. She still never cried much at all even after she grew up a bit. Now she is a temperamental red headed toddler that is in serious need of some anger management, lol. I'm sure you are just being paranoid like we were. Be thankful and enjoy!!
kailiasmomma responded:
My baby almost never cries. She makes sounds like a dolphin and thats when I know she is getting hungry. But she is such a good baby. I didnt know babies could be this good since my other 2 kids have colic and were always crying. Count your blessings I know I am.
EarthMama09 responded:
thanks, ladies! I feel much better and extremely blessed- even if she screamed all day!
March_mommy2be responded:
I hate to be the one to rain on this wonderful cryfree parade lol, but I noticed that your DD was born prematurely. My friend's little boy was born at 36 weeks and he NEVER cried, he would make little noises that kinda sounded like a lamb, only when he was cold and that was it, but now that he's older he does cry, granted he's still not as loud as my DS but it seems the older he gets the louder he gets, I dont know if the two are related somehow but maybe it has something to do with premature babies? Lol Don't think I'm stupid or anything, its just a thought. :sillygrin:
EarthMama09 responded:
LOL- Christy : ) I was actually thinking the same thing. The only thing is that my DS was born at almost 36 weeks, and he had no issue letting his lungs 'air out'. I know this might sound awful, but I let her squirm this afternoon, when I knew she needed her diaper changed. It took about five minutes before she hollered at me. She didn't cry- it was more of a "hey you! get to work!"... Which is enough to satisfy me : ) I think she might just be really content and comfortable for now... Now we'll see how long it lasts!

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