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can lactose free cause constipation
silviacindy posted:
This might be a silly question but do any of you know if lactose free formula can cause constipation? My DS was on Similac Sensitive R.S and he became really gassy and had hard time pooping (even though his poop was soft). We switched him to Gentlease. At first he had diarrhea-13 stools in one day. Then everyday he would have less and less stool and now he is back to having trouble to poop. Can it be the fact that R.S. is lactose free and gentlease is 80% lactose free? Does this make sense? Or could it be his stomach is still adjusting to gentlease. He's been on that for two weeks.
tddd responded:
two weeks should be long enough to adjust> I think any formula can constipate! We are on enfamil nutramigen which is so much better tha the similac almentien. I hate changing formula but you need to find what works so he is comfortable. I used similac with my other two boys and only used enfamil because I was given some for free. It mixes great and seem lighter which is what I think makes a differeence. Try enfamil similac mixes think and bubbles when shaken
Minnmommy responded:
Any formula can cause it I think. Its their body adjusting to it. Good start constipated my little boy like no body's business then after about a month of Similac Advanced he was good to go. I would think you'd start to see improvement by now though. Did your pedi tell you to go on your current formula? If so you might give them a call and ask how long you should expect to wait for his body to adjust and just let them know about the constipation. Every pedi has different opinions and guidelines and after a certain amount of time may give you tips on how to help LO. I think Similac or Enfamil (I forgot which one has it) has a diagnosing tool on their website that can give you some ideas of what might be going on in regards to your baby's reaction to formula. You might give it a look over and see if it can give you some clues. Do still include your pedi in it though.

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