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Baby spitting up through nose
Tjt52 posted:
I have a new granddaughter, one month old. Lately, when she spits up it comes out of her nose and mouth? What would cause this?
mandeeeee1988 responded:
The mouth and nose are connected in the back of the throat. My baby spits up through his nose a lot - the less forceful ones come only out of his mouth, but it's not at all uncommon for us to see two little trails coming out of his nose. I've also thrown up out my nose - maybe TMI - but other than being extra gross, I think it's fine.
Tjt52 responded:
Thank you for the quick response. My daughter was thinking maybe she had acid reflux. I think part of her problem is the milk comes out too quickly on the Dr. Brown bottles, like a stream. She is going to try Born Free. thanks again,
LMaar responded:
yeah having a fast flow can cause spitting up. For a week or so (or when I'm really engorged) my let down was too fast and my LO would spit up (although just through her mouth...) I would say if your GD isn't fussy when it happens, it's probably not an issue. but if it looks like it's bothering her, maybe contact the pedi and see if she does have a reflux issue. Congrats on the new baby girl!
jennifertimothy responded:
At 2 weeks old, we had to replace all of the nipples on my daughter's bottles with Stage 2 nipples. The fast flow ones were causing her to choke on her formula. I know Dr. Brown's makes Stage 2 for all of their bottles, and it would save your daughter money to just replace the nipples instead of buying all new bottles. Just a though!

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