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clear spit up???
juliejohnbaby1 posted:
Hello! My LO started spitting up clear almost water-like after she eats. It's usually not until about an hour or so after she eats and it smells like spit up and has a few whiteish pieces in it. Has anyone else experienced this? or think maybe its a sign of acid reflux? She's 6 wks old and didn't start spitting up until she was about 2 weeks old. She did have a bit of a fever today (only 99.3) but was spitting up all afternoon. She seems to be ok after we did her last feeding...any ideas?
LHodge1978 responded:
Yes! DS does that every once in a while. When your LO does this, does she cry after? If so, it could be reflux. If not, it could be some stomach secretions just coming back up. That's what my son's doc said, anyway. :smile: He advised me to keep an eye on it and call if it gets worse. Funny, I thought my son was the only one who did this! HTH!
erinsmom1964 responded:
The whiteish pieces are spoiled milk more than likely. This is from reflux. The clear liquid is probaly acid. My DD hardly ever spits up to where you can see it, she has whats called silent reflux and it looks exactly as you described. When babies have reflux alot of things can make it worse like shots or if they aren't feeling well. You might go to this site and check the list of symptoms and see if it makes sense to you. If it does you might print it out and mark what your LO is doing and take it to Ped to help with discussion especially with silent it can be alot harder to diagnose. HTH
juliejohnbaby1 responded:
Thank you! I"ll check it out! She's much better today! we are burping her more (we got a little too relaxed with it) and keeping her upright longer after she eats and that's helped too.

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