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tri-vi-sol vs poly-vi-sol
kmcondo posted:
I have a question for all you ebfing moms out there. My dr told me to give my lo tri-vi-sol at his 1 month visit. She gave me a sample, which I used up. He did great on it, so I went to the store and bought more (or so I thought). I guess my baby brain was still not working. But anyway, what I had actually picked up was the poly-vi-sol, also made by enfamil. I had started giving that to him for about a week before I realized that it was not the same thing as the dr suggested. It has the same three vitamins in it as tri-vi-sol (A,C,D), however it also has additional B vitamins in it. I was wondering if the poly-vi-sol is ok to be giving to him, or is he too young for the B vitamins, or something. He is now two months old, he takes 1 ml of the poly-vi-sol per day, however I can tell that he does not like it as much as the tri. He screams after I give it to him, where as he would just gulp the tri down without a problem. Any insight or suggestions would be helpful. TIA.
FidgetCJR responded:
Your pedi probably recommended the tri-vi-sol because it contains not just the vitamin d, but I think also iron, which are the two things breast milk lack, so the poly-vi-sol will not harm baby, just it doesn't have everything he needs. That being said, I know those vitamins aren't cheap, I would go buy the tri-vi-sol and alternate the days between the tri and the poly, so that way baby is getting the vitamin d and iron, but the poly isn't going to waste. Not all pedi's recommend vitamins for bf'ed babies, mine doesn't, so I don't think there would be any harm in alternating.
CarolAnnGuGu responded:
My Pediatrician recomended vitamin D suppliments for my son as well and I purchased the poly-vi-sol. The first and only time I gave it to him he threw up everything that was in his belly. He never throws up and rarely spits up. I know personally I don't tolerate multivitamins well so I am not sure his tiny stomach does either so I was going to wait until 3 months to try the vitamins again. The reasoning behind the suppliments that my pedi gave was that we don't get much sunlight this time of year so he can't make the vitamin D on his own.
TracySTB responded:
I tried poly-vi-sol with my first, but it had iron and constipated him, and tasted terrible. We got tri-vi-sol without iron (I don't know if all poly has iron and all tri doesn't, but that was our experience at our drug store). He did much better with the tri-vi-sol. The doctor said it wasn't bad to give the poly except for the constipation. The B vitamins, he probably just doesn't need as much. Vitamins C and D are the ones they have the most problems with these days.
jtbusse responded:
why not just call your pediatrician and ask? but, regardless, here's the info you need: poly-vi-sol and tri-vi-sol both come with and without iron. a full term baby who is being breastfed should get an iron supplement until they start cereal around 4-6 months. at that point, they wil get enough iron in the baby food. a formula fed baby probably does not need any extra iron if they are taking an iron fortified formula, which most are. as for the vitamins....the new recommendations from the american academy of pediatrics state that ALL babies, breast or formula fed, need an extra 400IU of vitamin D each day until they are taking at least 34oz/day of a vitamin fortified formula or whole milk or are getting vitamin D from other sources (table food). 1ml, or 1 dropperful, of tri-vi or poly-vi each contain 400IU of vitamin D. the other vitamins really aren't needed, but won't do any harm if your baby is only taking 1ml each day. there are products that contain just vitamin d, but most are not readily available. so, if tri-vi-sol tastes better, go with that, plus or minus the iron depending on your situation.

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