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? Steri-Strips / C-Section
princessbootzz posted:
Hi ladies! For those of you who had a c-section.... My staples were removed three days after the c-section. They then put a ton of steri-strips over the incision to hold it together. One of the strips came off on its own about a week ago with no problems. The others appear to kind of be "healing in" to the incision. It is suddenly itching terribly...though I wonder if that's just because the incision itself is healing as it should be. But I'm concerned about these steri-strips that are still on. They are not loose in the least. But with the itching, they're really becoming irritants. Today, for the heck of it, I took a long shower and moistened them well and tried to take a couple off. No chance. They are stuck and all I did, even though I didn't try long, was make it even more sore. Did yours come off on your own? Or did the doctor remove them? Or did you take them off? I can't find any info on this and don't see my doctor again for another month! Thanks! ~Katrina
linzuh04 responded:
I took mine off in the shower 2 weeks PP
idevb responded:
My doctor told me to pull them off like a bandaid 10 days after getting them put on. I took them off after a shower when they were wet and my skin was moist. I have heard that baby oil will help them off. But my doctor told me to remove them myself because they won't come off on their own and that they will get gross if you leave them on....
Faith_after_journey responded:
I was "glued" back together so no stitches or staples and just had a a quick bandage for about 24 hours then nothing .... when I did peel the quick bandage off it was sore I think because it is tender skin down there to peel tape off of ... even steri-strips. Work on getting them off ... continue to use water ... just slowly pick at them ... just work at it. Call you doctor too .... just because you do not technically go back for a month does not mean you cannot ask questions.
tlb209 responded:
I was nervous to take my off or even touch them. When I went back 5 weeks after I had LO mine were still stuck like the first day they put them on :pbpt: The doctor told me I could take them I did the next day in the shower! Oh what fun! :goofy: Mine were itchy also! :sealed:
morgie08 responded:
They definitely stick! I would take one or two off a day, ripping them off actually so it wouldn't hurt. As long as your incision looks well closed, I think it's ok to start taking them off.
Tori3 responded:
They are supposed to loosen and come off on their own. I didn't have a csec but have had 2 surg. where I had them and am surprised your have stuck around so long. Itching is a very normal part of the healing process, but if you think the incision may be healing with them in it, you should see your dr to make sure. Also, they should have adhesive remover that will help to get them off! HTH

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