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Vomit Breath?
cheeezie25 posted:
So I noticed this morning that my LO's breath smelled like vomit. This confirms my original fear that I thought he might be spitting up in his mouth when he was in his crib "sleeping" (or so I thought). First, is it common for babies to do this? I am concerned, but all of the parents/professionals I mention this to do not seem particularly concerned. I just don't want him to choke and suffocate in his sleep, ya know, like how Hendrix died. And second, how can I get rid of that vomit smell from his mouth? I tried using the bulb syringe to suck out mucus from his cheeks, but to no avail. I don't think I've developed the knack of using that yet. Any advice would be great!
KimCurry5 responded:
First, I have to say that I just kind of chuckled when I read the title of your post... To calm some of your fears, it is normal for babies to spit up like that. The only thing to keep an eye on is possibly acid reflux. I would imagine that first spitting up, and then swallowing it back down (I guess that's what he's doing if you don't find spit up all over the place) will really irritate his esophagus... It's normal because, esp with him being a premie, the piece that closes to block off the stomach contents from coming back up (can't remember what it's called) isn't fully developed, and so stomach issues like that won't be resolved til he's about 11 lbs or so (That's what they say anyway) To keep him from chocking, have you tried having him sleep on his side? This way if he does spit up but doesn't manage to swallow it, atleast it will come out of his mouth instead of sitting in this throat where he could choke.. Getting rid of the smell.... it should go away on its own after he eats. If it doesn't, maybe try a wet wash cloth and run it around the inside of his mouth, and wipe his cheeks real well.. That's about all I can think of though. Good Luck!
wwilson89 responded:
I kind of chuckled at the title myself :sillygrin: . I've read and heard that's perfectly normal for them to spit up in their sleep and they won't choke on it. Make sure he's sleeping w/ his head to one side though.

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