Bump behind ear?
CarralezLady posted:
My son is 7 wks. old and I've noticed he has this bump about the size of a pea behind his right ear lobe right on his hair line and I was wondering if any one may know what this is or could be he has a check up in 2wks but I don't know if I should wait.
kristinrayerootes responded:
Lurking...Could it be a swollen gland? You could always bring him in or call the pedi. I seem to do it all the time these days!
shiftworkerinicu responded:
it's probably a lymph node. Those nodes drain the head (does he have cradle cap?) and drain the ears. My LO has the same thing, but on both sides. They are also noticeable b/c their skin is so thin there so they seem more prominent. If LO is eating well, sleeping, making good diapers, no fever, I wouldn't worry about it and just keep an eye on it for any changes. As per my doctor :)
morgan2009 responded:
Morgan has the same thing, if it moves around and does not grow my guess it cyst or calcium deposit no need to worry write it down and wait till next appointment. hope this helps...