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How old is time for tummy time?
BostonBaby84 posted:
My LO is 5 weeks old and I was wondering at what age is it okay to place him on his tummy so he can start strengthing his neck muscles. TIA!
LMaar responded:
some people do it right from birth...Personally I started around a month old, she didn't like it but I atleast tried. it wasn't a daily thing until she was about 2 months, and she didn't 'like' it then until 3 months when she could roll... HTH!
staceyj0709 responded:
We've been doing it since birth and this girl is strong! :sillygrin:
ang_30 responded:
I put her on her tummy for about a half hour a day since she was 2 weeks old. My doc told me to do it at that time to strengthen her neck and its working :grin:
Jen__ responded:
I tried at a few weeks old on the floor and he hated it. So, I've modified it where he just has tummy time on my chest while I'm laying down or reclining. He's much happier that way, and we get to bond at the same time. :smile: And his neck is pretty darn strong already!
meganb1014 responded:
My LO is almost 4 weeks old and my dr and nurses told me after his cord falls off i needed to give him tummy time one hour a day. All he does is kick his legs out LOL he does more with his head when im holding him on my shoulder to burp him :>
epittman responded:
I started Ian's tummy time Monday, when he was a week old. I only do it for 10 minutes, twice a day, on his Bright Starts Tummy Mat. He fusses at first, but then once his head starts bobbing around he doesn't seem to mind!
rjbsilver responded:
Jordyn hates tummy time as well, unless I am right down there with her and she can see me....also I don't do it right after feeding because she spits up the milk if she lays on her full tummy....she is rolling onto her side both ways now, so when she is on the floor, I just let her start out on her back, and let her roll or kick or what not as much as she wants until she lets me know she's DONE with :sillygrin: :grin: :goofy: Basically, I would give it a try once a week until the baby is OK with it, and then do it daily for how ever long the baby tolerates it........let your baby dictate when hard core tummy time starts! :)
PathwaysMom responded:
You can start right now. Begin in short spurts of time, and as your LO tolerates it, work up to an hour per day. Pathways Awareness has developed some tips on their website to make it easier on parents to incorporate TT into their day: . Pathways also has a unique developmental calendar with activities to foster your LO"019s growth: .
scperdomo responded:
We started doing maybe a week after he was born. We even started letting him sleep on his tummy around 2 months (spare me the lectures). He was doing little push ups, rolling onto his side and lifting his head up after a couple weeks so we felt good about it. He was rolling all over the place by 2 months, sitting unassisted by 3 months, crawling by 5 1/2 months and now, at 8 months he has already taken a few steps without help.

I firmly believe that unrestricted "tummy time" was a determining factor in all that. (ie, not just doing it for 2 minutes a day or whatever). He actually came to prefer his tummy and by 3 months, if we put him on his back, he would roll right over to his tummy.

Good luck and congrats on the new LO!!
amber726 responded:
my son is almost 3 weeks old and as soon as his umbilical cord fell of i started putting him on his tummy for tummy time. He hates it right now if he is flat but if i put a boppy under him he loves it and looks around. He lifts up his head pretty well already.
Jennifer Shu, MD responded:
A good time to start tummy time while baby is awake is soon after the umbilical cord stump has fallen off (usually within 1 to 3 weeks after birth). Place baby on a firm surface (such as on a towel or blanket on the floor) and allow him to practice raising his head and pushing up on his arms and hands. If baby doesn't like it much at first, try just a minute or two about twice a day. As he gets older, you can work up to 10 or 15 minutes at a time, a few times a day. Just be sure to supervise him at all times and be careful that he doesn't roll off of a bed or a couch (the first time a baby rolls could be onto the floor). Good luck!
BabyBearCutie responded:
My son has been nosey from day one and as soon as his umbilical cord stump fell off, we got a boppy pillow and been practicing tummy time every day. no he can hold his head up quite a bit and look around. he is even able to roll onto his back, when he is tired of being on his tummy.
Okohmom responded:
I started right after we got home from the hospital and my boy loves to stay that way all the time. In fact, I can't really get him to sleep any other way.
laurab1979 replied to scperdomo's response:
Cameron has taken unassisted steps?? OMG! Maybe he started walking early so he can go to the store to get his own formula and leave your butt at home!! :sillygrin:

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