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New Mom Fears
Emma_WebMD_Staff posted:
Hi Ladies,

As some of you may or may not know, I became a mom again just 5 weeks ago today. My next youngest child is 8 years old, so I am starting over as a new mom. I sure thought I'd be more comfortable after 5 children having her, but I find myself second guessing some of the things I "thought" I knew. So I am going to consider myself a new mom again.

What are some of those new mom fears that you have now that your babies are here, or that you did have shortly after your new babies were here, for those of you who have older babies.

amber726 responded:
When i first brought my now 3 week old son home i cried the second we walked in the door because i was all by myself and my biggest fear was SIDS and I still fear this as reading some of the articles on here today has made me cry. I am a new first time mom and i have to say everything fears me. My baby has a stuffy nose but apparently thats normal but scares me, his gas can clear out a room, that he only has a BM once a day, I guess everything I second guess myself on everything worried I am not doing something right.
Larich_408 replied to amber726's response:
My DS is 21 months older than DD so I feel like i've just "been there, done that" lol. but unfortunately DD has acid reflux and she cries a lot. I dread taking her to stores because I know she'll just cry and she refuses to take a bottle! I had to cut grocery shopping short the other day because she wouldn't stop bawling her eyes out. i feel like i'm always planning things around her naps or not going to certain places because i don't feel like whipping my boobs out in public lol.

i also get afraid every time she poops.. i always think she's gonna end up with a bladder infection!

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