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reflex and gas
An_204341 posted:
Looking to see if anyone has any suggestions? My baby girl is almost 3 months, and takes pervacid for her reflex which has seemed to help, but she has terrible gas. Sometimes it will wake her from a peaceful sleep. She just finished a crying spell that went on for 45min. Yes, i have used gas drops, baking soda in bottle, tried cereal in bottle which sends her though the roof. I have tried grip water. I just feel like no baby should have this much gas, and it be that hard to get rid. I know she is in pain, and it breaks my heart that there isn't anything i can do to make it better. Any suggestion would be helpful, or anything that maybe you know of that i have not tried.
pam716 responded:
My son, now 8 months, had very similar problems, turns out he has an intolerance to dairy products. I am breastfeeding so I cut all dairy out of my diet and now he hardly ever wakes up screaming with gas pains. Hope this helps!
Mania55 responded:
I'm going through the same problem, I have a 6 1/2 week old baby boy. The doctor recommended Alimentum formula from Similac, it helps some but smells horrific! I also use Mylicon drops 3 times a day, around 10am, 3pm and 9pm. I also give him half an oz of plain baby water twice a day, noon and night time. It's been a bit better, but dr. it should pass after he turns 3 mos.
maggieandme replied to Mania55's response:
She is also on Alimentum, and we use Mylicon drops with every bottle. I haven't tried just giving her plain water. She is better than what we started with. I just feel like everytime we get one thing under control something else goes wrong. Now the prevacid is causing some constipation. Grrrrrrr!!!! Thanks for the feedback. I guess we will keep moving along. The doctor told me it would be more 5 to 7 months before some of this would get better.

thanks again.
KMS422 replied to maggieandme's response:
My son has terrible gas too and hes 4 months old with the acid reflux and he gets such bad gas he screams and screams and then he farts and burps and its like hes a new baby. I too have tried gas drops and cereal and nothing helps him either, I'm checking everyones suggestions too.
palvarad responded:
my son had trouble with gas too when he was about a month. I used Mylicon at least 3 times a day and kept him sitting up at least for 30 mins after his bottle, that way it would be less uncomfortable for him as he digested and the gas came up easier.
maggieandme responded:

I am the one posted this original looking for some suggestions. I had pretty much tried everything. So back to the doctor we went again. This time we were switched to Similac Senesitve R.S. and to start using Florastor for Kids.(helps get rid of bad bacteria) We started this but then the formula stopped up the nipples i was using. I go to Babies R us to look for more nipples. While i was there the helpful staff introduced me to Tommee Tippie bottling system. Of course at first i was a little unsure, but thought we have tried everything else so what would this hurt, except my wallet. They are a little on the pricey side, but at this point i was willing to try anything.

With all this said, for the last two days since starting all of these things together, we have a new baby!!!!!!

She is not in pain, she drinks her bottles better, sleeps better, and spends more time playing.

I am not sure if it was the bottles, formula, or Florastor,or a combination of all of them together, and i don't care which. All i know is she is much happier, as we all are.

If there are some moms that are still looking for some other things to try here are a few more:

Florastor for Kids(at any Pharmacy)
Tommee Tippiee Bottles(only at Babies R Us)
Similac Senestive R.S.(for babies who can't use Cereal)

Please mention these things to your doctor before trying, but at least now you have something else to even try.

Sincerely, Kim

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