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Gassy Baby
amber726 posted:
My Son is almost 3 weeks old he only has a BM once a day but farts constantly and it could clear out a whole room. This is my first child but i have babysat plenty before hand and i've seen that they get stiff from gas and he does but not very bad it more seems like he is upset. I was just wondering if I should switch his formula to soy. Yesterday his BM seemed maybe acidy his bottom was sore and there was a little cut. I mentioned something to the doctor at his 2 week check up and he said if i want i could switch him to soy but he didnt seemed to concerned about it since my son isn't spitting up and he is eating well as he almost gained 2 lbs already from birth.
MrsAbell responded:
My son was the same way. He is 2 weeks old i give him infants mylicon it helps with the gas if I dont give it to him he will cry for sometimes hours but we changed him to good start gentle plus it helped with his bm and bottom. best of luck to you and congrats on the new baby!

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