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Question about a new mommys body
amber726 posted:
I had my baby 3 weeks ago while i was pregnant i thought that my son was going into my ribs which was hurting my back and making it hard for me to breath. But now 3 weeks after i've had him I just recently started having the pain again. Its pain under my ribs or even my ribs that go into my back which make it hard to breath. But it comes and goes and last for at most 15 minutes lately. I thought maybe it was because i was dehydrated as they told me when i was pregnant to drink water and that does help but yesterday i drank so much water and ended up making myself throw up so i could drink more but after i threw up the pain went away. I don't know if that is when the pain killers decided to kick in or if throwing up actually helped. I was told many different things that it maybe my ribs and back going back into place as i am a small person but also was told it could be gall stones. I was just wondering if anyone has experienced these pains.

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