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My 5 month old with Bronchitis
slap4eva posted:
My child, Citlali, is 5 month old. She went to the dr. for a cold. They stated that she has acute bronchitis and was given a breathing treatment. Since my son had RSV and I grew up with asthma, i had a breathing treatment machine at home. Therefore they prescribe her meds for this. I went for a follow up 2 weeks ago since she was still wheezing. They said she still has it. Now she is still wheezing and nothing seems to be better with that. What should I do and what is the next step. I am giving her the treaments for a little over a month now every 4 hour. can someone help me?
GigiSage responded:
Have you taken her to get a second opinion? She may have some other underlying problem your doctor has missed.
slap4eva replied to GigiSage's response:
Or insurance for her is Kaiser. She seen her normal dr. also a PA at a different facility. They both old me she still has it. Should I make another appointment for her to be seen since it has been 2 weeks since her last follow up on this?
mommabear3502 replied to slap4eva's response:
If you have asthma, I'm willing to bet you've seen a pulmonologist at some point. Your LO may need to see one too to find out why she's still wheezing despite a month's worth of treatments. She should be seeing some improvement by now. I would ask her dr for a referral to a specialist.
hey_amber responded:
My 5 month old has had "bronchitis" for two months now. She has been on Prednisone, Budesine, Abuterol, and an assortment of antibiotics every four hours. She gets better with no symptoms for a few days to a week then she starts sneezing and coughing again. Once these symptoms appear, she starts wheezing, and her breathing is labored. I need some help, too. She has been to two hospitals and her regular doctor. We've spent so much money on medications, and they just say: "This is common. No one can tell you why she keeps getting it, but just keep giving her medicine." We've tried the Sweat Test to test for Cystic Fibrosis, but they can never collect enough sweat. Maybe you can order a sweat test if you aren't sure whether it runs in your families.
Sara DuMond, MD, FAAP responded:
I am so sorry to hear that your daughter has been having so many problems with this cough and wheezing. While "bronchitis" and other viral wheezing illnesses are very common in small children, and while it is also common for the inflammation to linger and cause a lingering cough for several weeks, it certainly is not normal to have such significant wheezing for this long. I would also be concerned about giving her breathing treatments every 4 hours for this long. Please get her back in to see your pediatrician, and I agree with one of the other replies, that a trip to a Pulmonologist's office may be in order. If not, at least discuss other options for chronic therapy with your own pediatrician. Best of luck to you and keep us posted!
Dr. DuMond

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