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When to worry baby isn't peeing enough?
Marjanna posted:
My son is 6 days old and only wets 1-2 diapers/day. I am breast feeding and my milk has just come in. I have started to feed on a schedule instead of on demand because he would go for 4+ hours without eating. He does not nurse for very long but does not seem hungry. He is not a fussy baby, he does wake up and is alert for periods of time and does not seem to be in distress. Should I worry about him not peeing very much, also he only poops about once a day now. He was pooping everytime he ate for the first 3 days. Will he start peeing more now that he is eating every 3 hours, even if it is just a little bit?
GigiSage responded:
He can go several days (even over a week) without pooing. As long as his stools are not hard tight then that is fine.

Are his wet diapers REALLY full or just a little full? I ask because if he doesn't fuss when he sits in a wet diaper you may be changing them less often then a baby that fusses. What kind of diapering schedule are you on? We check and change DD's diaper before feeding her. Mostly because after she is done being fed and falls asleep then we don't want to wake her up.
jlynnpaine replied to GigiSage's response:
My understanding is that when they are that young they should be having 6-8 wet diapers minimum per day. You may want to call your pedi and see what they say.

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