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Constant nursing- help!
katebrooks posted:
:-( I'm so upset. 3 wk old DD never stops nursing. I feel terible everytime I give her a bottle. Help!
reb_hun responded:
have you talked to a lactation consultant? maybe she isn't latching on correctly causing her not to get enough milk. i know i had troubles with my dd and after a couple of months i ended up having to just give her a bottle full time. good luck!! good milk vibes to you!
j9ween2 responded:
maybe she is going through a spurt. She needs to nurse to prompt your body to produce more. every time you give her a bottle instead of breastfeeding or pumping your body doesn't understand that she needs more. breastfeeding is all about supply and demand
katebrooks replied to j9ween2's response:
I understand that, but it comes down to my emotional sanity and her getting a bottle. i need to preserve my own health as well as hers...
j9ween2 replied to katebrooks's response:
I was there w/ my 1st. It is really hard and no one tells you how hard it will be. It took me until the baby was about 3 - 4 weeks old & then all was good. It was also very painful until then too. It will get better esp. once your baby is a little older & sleeping a little more. hang in there
Jess102600 responded:
I agree with reb_hun. Talk to a LC. I went through this with my LO before I switched to pumping and bottlefeeding and it was a latching issue. I did some things to help improve her latch and it cut way back on the amount of nursing and the length of time feeding. We never did get her latch perfected though, and I wound up having to pump and bottle feed because of how much damage had been done to my nipples.
GigiSage responded:
She could be cluster feeding. It is emotionally draining on you but good for her. If you can try to sleep when she sleeps and she should get over it in a few days. I slept in DDs room for one night since we have a futon in there. It was easier to get her for feedings and I could go to sleep faster and sooner then if I went back to our bedroom.

You should contact an LC to have them watch her nurse and they can talk to you about her latching if that is an issue. You can also up your water intake which will help your supply and if you do bottle feed her then consider pumping afterwards. If she is trying to stimulate you to make more then that will help but will also keep your sanity. Plus you can start storing anything you pump.
cujaybird replied to GigiSage's response:
Don't let anybody let you feel bad about giving her a bottle. Contrary to what some would have you believe, you can have a succesful nursing relationship and still supplement with formula. My dd is 10 months old and we still nurse at least four to five times a day, and we have had to supplement with formula since she was 1 week old. I took fenugreek, pumped around the clock, did everything I could to increase my supply but it was never quite enough for her. People tell you if you give in and give her a bottle you won't be able to nurse succesfully, but it's just not true. Do what works best for you, just make sure you always put her to the breast first. Good luck!
katebrooks replied to cujaybird's response:
thank you :-)
scperdomo replied to katebrooks's response:
It's called Cluster Feeding and BFing babies do it to help boost your supply when they go through a growth spurt. By giving a bottle instead of nursing, it won't help bring up your supply and you will most likely end up needing to continue to supplement. Of course there is nothing wrong with that, but that's why your LO is nursing constantly right now. It usually only last for a few days and then its done.

Most babies do go through a growth spurt around 4 weeks so that is most likely what it is. BFing works on a supply and demand curve, so the more that is demanded, then more will be supplied, with cluster feeding your LO is demanding more often to help bring in more milk so that she gets more when she goes back to her regular feeding schedule, by giving a bottle instead of feeding your body isn't getting the message that it needs to make more, so more often than not, moms who do this will need to continue supplementing.

It does happen a few times during BFing, so be prepared. But, again, it usually on lasts a few days, which is better than having to pay for formula IMO... good luck!!
GigiSage replied to cujaybird's response:
If cluster feeding does last more then a few days then yes you should consider supplementing. I say at least give it a little time to see if she gets over it or not. We had to supplement because my supply was just not enough. But I did give it a chance first.

Good luck!

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