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what is a good age to stop giving baby her binky and/or bottle?
reb_hun posted:
my little one is going on 11 months and i stopped giving her binky to her. is it too early? i was told that as soon as they start getting teeth or a lot of teeth that it is time to stop. we've been doing good for about a week and a half to two weeks and i was at my soon to be mother in laws house and she said that it was too early. is that true? i gave it to her last night because she wasn't feeling good, will that hurt or help me? she was really fussy. :( if i stop her from using her binky, should i stop her from drinking from a bottle too? she's learning how to use a sippy right now. thanks for any advice!!
j9ween2 responded:
with DS we took it the night before his 1st b-day. with DD she was about 15 months and it was much harder. If she is doing fine without it I would move on with life and not give it back. don't let your MIL make you feel like you made the wrong choice - you are her mom, go w/ your gut & what is right for you & your family. if she is catching on to the sippy & is getting enough formula you can take the bottle away too. good luck
lenono97 replied to j9ween2's response:
If she is doing fine without the binky, I say keep doing what you are doing. Not sure if there is a recommended age for taking it away but I feel the earlier you take it away the easier it will be. I have my 17 month old down to only naps and bed time for the most part. If she is doing well with the sippy, keeping going with that as well. The recommened age for taking away the bottle and formula is about 12 months. But each child is different. My daughter is a very picky eater and very slow to catch on to solids. We took away one bottle feeding at a time. She was about 15 months when we took away the last bottle feeding.

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