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help1977 posted:
My DD is 11 weeks old and has thrush again. This is the second time this month. Could this be coming from BF? None of my other children ever got it and I didn't BF them. I don't like having to give her medicine for 10 days. I did everything they told me to do. Why is she getting this?
emily8091457 responded:
Are you treating your nipples as well? Because thrush will become a vicious cycle if you don't get rid of it all. It can be in your nipples and if you don't use the meds on them too then even if your LO gets rid of it, you will give it right back to her. And you'll just keep passing it back and forth. If you DID treat your nipples and it all went away for good... then I'm not 100% sure where it comes from except that it's a yeast, so I'm guessing that maybe you need to expose your nipples to the air and be sure they're good and dry before you cover them up again. If you're using breast pads (for leaking) make sure they're clean and dry after each feeding so that the yeast don't have a place to grow. I know thrush can be a beast to get rid of sometimes. Good luck! I hope you can get it under control!
help1977 replied to emily8091457's response:
I have done all that. I don't use breast pads, because I never leak. I have very little milk so she gets formula a lot. I think I am done BF. It was nice while it lasted, but it is just getting to be to much.

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