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bpattonb posted:
My two week old daughter is still fighting jaundice. She was released from the hospital with a bilirubin level of 11. A couple days later her level was 18. We put her on a photo therapy light on a Monday. Her level went from 18 to 14 on WSednesday amd from 14 to 12.3 by Friday. Our doctor told us to take her off the light yesterday (Monday). Today we went and had another bilirubin check. Now her level is 12.6. Should we be concerned? Our doctor just told us to put her in some sunlight during the day. What should a normal baby's bilirubin level be? Thanks in advance for any information.
j9ween2 responded:
I'm not sure what normal is but DD1 had a case of jaundice where we had to go back & forth to the hospital to have it checked. The docs told us to strip her down to a diaper & put her in a crib in the sun & also to feed her as much as possible. The more you feed the more the breast milk or formula pushes all the bad stuff out. Good luck
Janine (Tyler -5, Bella -3, and Giana -11 weeks)
earleyml1012 responded:
According to a search on Webmd and full term baby who is 7 days or older has a normal bilirubin of 10, so I guess they felt she was closer to the 10. DD has pretty bad jaundice when she was born too. They kept her for an extra day and then sent a light home with us too. She was on that for over 3 weeks. Granted DD was born in December so we had no sunlight to help. I'd recommend keeping your DD in the sun and keep feeding her often. If you are BF and don't feel that she's getting enough, it's ok to give her a little formula or expressed BM. We did this through a medicine dropper so that DD wouldn't get use to a bottle. I think the Dr wanted you to take her off the light to see if it would continue to drop, to see if your LO could continue to fight it off on her own. Good luck and she'll be better soon!!
Hezz1976 responded:
We fought with DD's levels for almost 3 months. Are you nursing? If so it could be breast feeding or breast milk jaundice. I can't remember which is which, but for some reason, breast fed babies sometimes have a harder time discreeting the bilirubin than formula fed babies. Our DD's levels were crazy! We had to have her tested every 3-4 days for almost 3 months. The first sign of it was at 1 week old, and the Dr. called us at 9:30 on a Friday night to have us take her to the ER since her levels were so high. I think she got up into the 20s there for a day or so. They figured it was due to the breast milk because they had us put her on formula for 36 hours and her levels went down. We did that twice. But the Dr. told us that the breast feeding (or breast milk) jaundice was nothing to worry about. There are no long term affects from this kind of jaundice. I hope that helps!

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