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2 month old not pooping
sabz892000 posted:
so its been about two days at least since shes last pooped..and i was wondering if this is normal and how long she can go without pooping? or should i give her something to drink that'll make her poo? or should i call the doc and ask them? idk but me and DH are starting to get worried TIA!!
scperdomo responded:
It is normal. DS only pooped once a week until we started him on solids.

I would definite call your doc before you do/give her anything. Most babies don't need to poop daily like you and I do. What they eat doesn't contain all the "crap" that we do (preservatives, additives, etc). So chances are, she is just fine and will poop when she is ready. As long as her stools are soft (and not hard nuggets), even if she seems to grunt or strain, she is not constipated and it usually doesn't require intervention.
angelsmommy2510 responded:
my daughter would go days without having a bowel movement also and i consulted her dr and they gave me a medicine i had to give her once a day she was around two months old at that point and about a week ago i myself took her off of it because she has been eating solid foods and has regular bowel movements now at 5 months old
leilani1107 responded:
are you breast feeding. a breast feed baby can go 4 to 10 days without poop. if you give her a tiny drink of apple juice it will get things moving. mine is 8 months oul today and she is 1/2 breast and 1/2 formula while I am at work. when she was on straight breast milk she would go about 10 days and then she would blow up. She was always happy. As long as she is happy she is Okay..

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