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Growth spurt?
Blondi208 posted:
Hi All!

I'm new here - a first time mom. My son is 2 1/2 weeks old and over the last day he's had a change in his eating and sleeping habits. He's fussy at the breast - latches and unlatches/falls asleep and wakes up repeatedly while feeding, wants to eat about every hour, and has been difficult to get to sleep. He'll doze off in our arms and wake up the second he's put in his bed. Prior to this he would eat and then fall asleep (in his bassinet) like clockwork, and was generally only fussy when he was hungry or gassy. He's also spitting up quite a bit, which makes me worry I'm overfeeding him, despite him acting hungry every hour or so. There's no fever, he's putting out plenty of wet diapers daily and he's gaining weight. Is this a growth spurt or just general irritability or something else?

And what can I do to lessen the spitting up? I'm keeping him upright after feeds as recommended by his MD, his bed keeps his head slightly elevated when he's asleep, and he's only feeding about 10 minutes at each breast per feeding on average - sometimes it's more than that. We see his doctor on Tuesday, and I do plan to ask her all of this then, but I thought I'd check with you all as well. :)

Thanks for your help!
happymoe responded:
OMG that was exactly two nights ago for me with my little girl. She was 9 days old (born at 42 weeks) and was doing just what you said. We discovered that her umbilical cord was starting to fall off the next morning which we kind of chalked it up to. Thank heavens the next night was much better. We weighed her yesterday and she has regained her birth weight. Actually surpassed it.

Just stick with it, it gets better. =)
lisax4156 responded:
It sounds like he's going through a growth spurt. They go through another spurt at 3 weeks, then 6 weeks. My son who is 4 weeks, just went through this. He ate about once per hour and he became very fussy and agitated. He also didn't sleep well either unless he was sleeping in bed with me. It only lasts a couple days thankfully..

33(me) 30(BF) 19(DD) 15(DS) and new baby Tristan born at 36w0d 7-14-10. 5lbs 14ozs, 18in.
Blondi208 replied to lisax4156's response:
Thanks so much for the reassurance from both of you! He's still eating like none other, but he's not quite as fussy and outfits that fit last week are now too small. At this rate he's going to be in 3-6 mos clothes at 1 month! We're still experimenting to see what will lessen the spitting up - it's kind of hit and miss. But, this too shall pass, right? :)

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