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5 month old throwing up
Langley2003 posted:
Why is my five month old spitting up so much? My son is 5 months old and has had acid reflux since the day he was born. He has been on zantac and Reglan most of his life. The past few of weeks it has been OUT OF CONTROL! We took him for his normal check up about 3 weeks ago and I expressed my concerns to the pediatrician that I believed the acid reflux was getting worse (even then it was not nearly as bad as it is norow.) The doctor then took him off of the Zantac and put him on prevacid. The next week it got worse and I took him back to the doctor. He THEN said that my son had a sinus infection and that could make the acid reflux he prescibed some medicine for the infection and sent me home...This was on a Friday...That weekend...the acid reflux was unbearable for my son AND for me! He could not keep one bottle was really I called the doctor's office and spoke with a nurse who told me to supplement a bottle with Pedialyte and if he held it down try a bottle again...well needless to say at first he was not even keeping the Pedialyte down but I kept trying and eventually he could keep MOST of it down. That Monday I was back at the doctor's office and now the doctor was saying that he had Thrush and a Stomach Virus and sent him home with MORE meds....It is now SUNDAY and he is still spitting up most of his bottles, well the one's he will actually take...mostly he will push the bottle away now, probably because he is tired of throwing it up...we have switched my baby's formula to Soy as of Friday but has anyone had anything similar to this happen to their really is heart breaking...any help would be much appreciated!!
Samantha_77 responded:
Ok this is going to sound a little crazy. My friend's baby had really bad reflux, she would spit up or throw up everything. Well they took her to a chiropractor, he told her nearly all babies need to see a chiropractor because the way they are in the womb really messes with their backs, which messes with their gastro systems. Now he doesn't crack them or anything like they do with adults. He has this little tiny adjustment wheel he runs up and down her back, it slowly moves things back into place, she doesn't have reflux at all anymore and was taken off all of her medications. If you had a C-section this is even more likely the cause he told her that C-section babies don't get the "good" bacteria ingested from a vaginal delivery and this is also a cause for the reflux. I thought she was insane at first but it really helped her baby. Good Luck
dwaw02 responded:
A cold or something like that can make a reflux baby spit up/throw up ALL.THE.TIME. It can be so frustrating! So if you've noticed extra drainage or congestion that is likely the problem.

A stomach bug could do the same DS has a bad gag reflex and it doesn't take much to set it off, to this day.

Other things I noticed in this post: has his Zantac dosage ever been increased? B/c if not, maybe that s/h been tried first, since it was working for him at one time.

Lastly, I don't know if this works for all reflux babies, or just for my DS, but feeding smaller amounts more frequently helped too. Of course, sometimes getting them to take it that way is a problem.
Angela, DS (5), DD born 7/18/10

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