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solids at 4 months for formula fed babies?
PregoDawn posted:
Is it better to start at 4 months with all solids or just cereal? My daughter is not that old yet, but just looking forward to the future.
help1977 responded:
My DD is 5 months old and still just gets cereal. I think it depends on you and if she is ready for it. Some babies are and some aren't.
lisax4156 responded:
Along with cereal, you can introduce fruits and veggies as well. I gave my 1st son fruits and veggies at 4 months. He loved the jarred fruits and certain veggies. At 6-8 ,months, I started giving him mashed potatoes. Watch out for lumps though or give instant potatoes.

33(me) 30(BF) 19(DD) 15(DS) and new baby Tristan born at 36w0d 7-14-10. 5lbs 14ozs, 18in.
j9ween2 responded:
with my 1st I tried cereal at 4 months & he wasn't ready. so I backed off a couple of weeks & tried again. my 2nd started at about 4.5 months. now w/ my 3rd she will be 5 months next week and we haven't started. she was born at 32 weeks & the pedi said to hold off
Janine (Tyler -5, Bella -3, and Giana -4 months)
j9ween2 replied to j9ween2's response:
I just want to add - starting solids is a pain in the ___. It takes forever, creates a mess, etc. I know for my 1st I was very excited to do it, it was the next big step, etc but once you start you can't stop
Janine (Tyler -5, Bella -3, and Giana -5 months)
Larich_408 responded:
you don't need to just do cereal, you can do fruit and veggies. contrary to everyone's belief, you don't even need to start with cereal. just make sure that whatever you use first, wait 2-3 days to start a new food.

i started DD on rice cereal at 3.5 months (very very little) with the OK from my pedi. this was to help her reflux, it was really bad and i wanted to get her off her meds. it worked. but she wasn't interested until about 4.5 months. DS didn't have solids til 5.5 months.
PregoDawn replied to Larich_408's response:
Thank you ladies!!! so, how do you know if your baby is ready??
j9ween2 replied to PregoDawn's response:
if after a few days he keeps pushing his tongue and food out he isn't ready
Janine (Tyler -5, Bella -3, and Giana -5 months)
PregoDawn replied to j9ween2's response:
thank you!!!

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