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Consoling the inconsolable & clingy baby
lisax4156 posted:
Hey all..

So, for the last 4 1/2-5 weeks have been alright... Relatively easy going baby except when going through growth spurts, then he's extremely fussy. Now, at 6 weeks, all he does is want to be held. Sometimes, even when held, he gets fussy and just cries. He's now inconsoleable. So I just let him cry it out. After a couple mins, he'll at least take a pacifier, although not willing.. lol . He still cries. I put him in his swing. Sometimes it works, sometimes he'll still cry. Along with him being inconsolable at times, he now doesn't sleep in his own crib at night. Sometimes, he won't even do this during the daytime anymore. So, sometimes he sleeps in his swing during the day. He sleeps with me during the night... Even then, sometimes he doesn't sleep as all he wants to do is cry cuz he wants to be held. So I have to put him on my chest in order for him to fall asleep. If I try to put him down before he's in a deep sleep, he'll wake up crying. So I let him cry it out... Sometimes that works, sometimes not. Eventually he goes to sleep. I also wanted to note that I do not rush when he starts crying. I let him cry for at least a couple minutes before getting to him.

So, how do you console an inconsolable baby? One who doesn't want to sleep in his crib anymore and who wants to be held all the time now? The BF and myself are starting to go crazy!! We want our bed back! Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

33(me) 30(BF) 19(DD) 15(DS) and new baby Tristan born at 36w0d 7-14-10. 5lbs 14ozs, 18in. 2wks: 6lbs 6ozs. 6wks: 10 1/2 lbs. 21in.
sbb710 responded:
You say he's 6 weeks? It could be another growth spurt! They usually happen at this time. I just went through it; he's 7 weeks today and I think the worst is behind us. I would give it a few days to see if it's a growth spurt. If it continues and you think he's in pain I'd contact the pedi for an appt. But I'm betting he's just in another spurt. Good luck!
margolcia responded:
I feel for you, we are in the same boat. our 6 week old daughter has been fairly easy going child until she hit 5 weeks and then crying started, she wants to be held all the time and even cryies when we hold her. she sleeps at night but not very well during the day, unless in my arms. I talked to her pedi, she said between 3 and 6 weeks babies crying and fussiness picks up and usually tappers of by 8 weeks, so we will see. hugs and hang in there.
margolcia responded:
BTW our kids have the same B-day.
dwaw02 responded:
I agree it's probably a growth spurt. I'd say try to hang on and not panic for a couple of weeks and see if he settles down. My DD is much the same way right fact I'm holding her now.
Angela, DS (5), DD born 7/18/10
happymoe responded:
My little girl is 4wks old today. She was born at 41w6d gestation and she's been crazy clingy and crying the last 3 days. She was great up until then. I had to put her in the swing about 1/2 hour ago screaming and have a good cry myself. She could BF all day if I let her. I'm glad to have just read this post and see it's not just us.
Poisongirl98 responded:
It's totally normal for babies to go through a fussy/crying phase at about 6 weeks (which I found out after my DS was 6 weeks). It shouldn't last long. My DS was very finicky about his sleep and often needed to be held from the time he was born. I had to hold him at naps and resorted to putting him in my bed (DH stayed out). I found a swaddle blanket called "The Miracle Blanket" when he was about 8-9 weeks old and it really did work miracles. You could try that or another type of swaddle. I personally would try to avoid letting you baby cry it out this young, they need someone to help soothe them because they don't really have the capability to do it themselves at this age. Even advocates of CIO say to respond to cries up until 4-6 months of age. I know it's tiring and sometimes you need a break, but try not to let him cry too long. BTW, my DS is now almost 13 months and a really good sleeper. Good luck,
JMomma1 responded:
a few tips.. pacifier if he uses one, a good swaddle(i use a swaddle blanket so its secure), and the moby wrap!!! when my baby cries i put on my moby wrap and then she is snuggled close to me and falls right to sleep. u can even make one. super simple. im not trying to brag-well maybe i am-lol. but my daughter has been sleeping through the night or getting up once for a bottle then going right back to sleep since 1 month old. i feel blessed. i have to say she takes about 5-6 cat naps a day(im talking 15-20 min each) but excellent night sleeper. im not complaining. plus during the day she is a pleasure. a super happy girl. i got lucky this time cause my son didnt sleep through the night til he was about 1. and during that time he would get up at least 3 times a night for a bottle. i was so tired! once again my advice is swaddle and/or wrap. and good luck to u!!!
Emmyl responded:
Hi! Congratulations on your little one! Here's something that always worked with my DS. Even now, at 13 months, it still works sometimes. I put him over my shoulder, pat his bottom and make the shh shh shh shh sound. I don't know why it works, but it works. I read it somewhere when my son went through this at around the same age. My aunt also gave me a good hint: babies love to have their faces up against yours, cheek to cheek. GL!

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