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Bottomless Pit?
happymoe posted:
My baby girl Rachel Emma is 8w2d today. She was a full 2 weeks overdue and I had her by c-section after a very long drawn out induction. She took to breastfeeding well, and has only had ready to use formula 3 times. Once in the hospital because my milk hadn't dropped yet, at 8 days because I went to emerg with bronchitis (but was only gone for a few hours and she BF when I got home again) and one night when she just wouldn't quit freaking after totally draining me and was still hungry.

I started pumping with a manual pump at about 4 weeks, about 3 oz three to four times a week in the mornings. I've been using these servings to try to appease her at night if she drains me.

For the last 3 or so weeks, she feeds well in the morning and afternoon. About supper time, she starts fussing literally every 1/2 hour until I can finally get her into her crib asleep. The great thing about this cluster feeding is she has started sleeping upwards of 7-9 hours in a row. The downside is I don't usually have enough left by bedtime to make her full to go to sleep. It's very frustrating and I have to make sure I pump in the morning to have a bottle for night.

In the last 3 weeks, I've weighed her twice. She gained 9.5oz in 8 days, then 10oz in 6 days. She's obviously not starving, even though at times she thinks she's wasting away.

I figured it was a growth spurt at 6 weeks, but she's still in it if it was. Is anyone else having troubles with their milk not ramping up with their babies appetite?
lisax4156 responded:
Yeah... With my 1st son, I didn't produce enough milk on my own, so every other feeding had to be supplemented with formula. It does happen, and it sucks. I do know now that there are drugs you can take to ramp up your milk production, but I didn't know about it back then. I don't think I would have taken any drugs anyhow. Plus, you can only take them for 3 mos, so it's not really worth it.

Babies will go through growth spurts about every 2 weeks up until they're about 3 mos.

I stopped BFing when he started biting my nipples, then laughing about it when I reacted from the pain. This was when he was about 6 mos old. A couple times, he even drew blood. That's when I called it quits.
33(me) 30(BF) 19(DD) 15(DS) and new baby Tristan born at 36w0d 7-14-10. 5lbs 14ozs, 18in. 2wks: 6lbs 6ozs. 6wks: 10 1/2 lbs. 21in.

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