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Early teething????
EMB2006 posted:
I need your opinion. I think my 10 week old baby boy may be showing signs of teething. For a few weeks now he's been chewing on his fingers-not sucking but chewing-even after a full feeding. It even gets to the point that he sticks his finger so far back he gags himself. Sometimes he'll take his passy and other times he won't. I've been feeling his gums & don't feel anything cutting in yet but he bites down on my finger when I do this. What do you think? Early signs of teething or just a baby that chews on his fingers??

Erin (24), DH (24), first baby-Lucas-born July 26, 2010-weighed 9lbs 10oz/21 inches long!! One spoiled dog.
c8lin responded:
my son did that too, and still does sometimes. he would chew his fingers and sometimes gag. lol he's 4 months now and no teeth yet, so i would guess you're in the same boat.
cyberkat99 responded:
Our daughter did the same early on and is now 5 months and at her last doctor visit wasn't teething yet. She won't take a pacifier anymore, but she sucks on her two middle fingers all the time and puts everything in her mouth to chew on. The doctor did say though, she's seen no sign of teeth before and then a week or two later the baby did in fact cut teeth, so who knows! Just carry lots of burp cloths for the drool, it sometimes get pretty bad, hehe!
FrmGirl responded:
My LO did the same thing and he just cut his first tooth last 7 months. Hang in there...and like the pp said, keep lots of burp cloths handy!
happymoe responded:
Our little girl has been drooling like mad and chewing on her hands since 6 weeks or so. She's 9 1/2 weeks now and nothing yet. I keep receiving blankets handy to dab at her mouth, or keep a bib on her. I'm hoping that it will be several more months, they say the earlier the teeth, the worse the teeth. The teeth can rise up and go down in the gums for a while.
BNWilson3 responded:
It could be teeth but from my experience I just have a baby who loves to chew on her hands and anything else she can get her hands on. My LO has been sticking her hands in her mouth since she was 1 month old and people have been saying that she is teething. But she is now 6 months old and she still doesn't have teeth and hasn't really showed any other signs of teeth coming in. Don't take the fact that your child sticks his hands in his mouth as to he is teething because babies do that but look for other signs of teething to go along with it.
EMB2006 responded:
Thanks for all of the replies. He has been drooling a lot lately. He had a bad sinus infection and his nose is still stuffy so we thought the extra drool/saliva may be sinus drainage but I don't know. Sometimes he has so much extra saliva that he has to swallow hard a couple of times to get it all down and clear his throat & sometimes it sounds like he's choking on it. He had a doctor's appointment last week and the doctor said his throat and ears looked good (meaning not red or infected) so we're just trying to get rid of the stuffy nose still and just dealing with the extra drool/saliva.
Erin (24), DH (24), first baby-Lucas-born July 26, 2010-weighed 9lbs 10oz/21 inches long!! One spoiled dog.
EMB2006 replied to EMB2006's response:
Forgot to mention that he's been having what we call blow out diapers meaning he has so much poop that it fills the whole diaper and/or even comes out (partly b/c he's a big boy and moving up to size 3 now!) but the poop is a little watery but nothing like diarrhea. Is that a sign of teething?
Erin (24), DH (24), first baby-Lucas-born July 26, 2010-weighed 9lbs 10oz/21 inches long!! One spoiled dog.

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