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Gasps after meltdown?
happymoe posted:
Last night mt 12w5d old girl had the worst meltdown I've seen so far. She went from happy to screaming in about 3 seconds. My husband was holding her, we checked her diaper, her fingers and toes for hairs/strings, even stripped her to check her clothes for something. Nothing, so we let her freak for a few more minutes. Then we had to pick her back up cause she was forgetting to breathe she was freaking so hard. Once she settled to whimpers, she was doing this wierd gasp and slight head twitch to the left. I just chalked it up to the stress, but it went on about every 5 seconds for at least 4 minutes. She's been perfectly fine since, and happy as pie this morning.

The fact that the gasps and twitches were so rhythmical is freaking me out. Anyone else experience this?
cyberkat99 responded:
It could have been a number of things, since they are still getting used to stuff outside the womb and their own bodies. I talked to the pediatrician about it regarding our little girl and that is what she said. It could be a gas bubble, her growling stomach, a noise she heard that we didn't, since their hearing is more acute than ours. Even if they are going through a growth spurt they can have episodes like this. Hopefully that is all it is, especially since she seems to be fine now, you can always talk it over with your pediatrician. HTH!
tothebeach4 responded:
I'm not sure what her crying could be from... I imagine there are a number of things that will make babies cry out of the blue.

As far as the twitching and gasping for air... this is so weird, but I can remember doing that as a child; I was very emotional and could cry at the drop of a hat. There were times that I was so inconsolable and I got myself wound up and so extremely upset, that I would do the same thing you're describing. I think it's the body's way of calming itself down and catching it's breath. I can remember trying to keep myself from doing it, but it was just uncontrolable. Eventually I would catch my breath and calm down, though.

I'm pretty sure it's a natural response, but you can also ask your pediatrician next time you take her in to help ease your worries.

Hope this helps you feel better!!

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