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breastfed baby always hungry.
Deziray576 posted:
I am currently feeding my 2 week old son on an every 3 hour schedule which was given to me by his doctor. After i feed him he may sleep for about an hour and then wake up like he is just starving, but after i have fed him lately he seems to throw up a good amount of milk. The milk comes out chunkier than what it should be also. I am thinking about switching to formula due to something may be wrong with my milk. What is the best formula to switch to on an emergency notice? Or what may be the best solution for him to stop throwing up so much?
j9ween2 responded:
you do not have bad milk. it may be more of a reflux thing. I would hold him upright longer & let the milk digest more
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Mybaby83 responded:
Try holding him upright for at least 15 minutes after feeding him. Formula could make the reflux worse since it is basically pure cow's milk! Breastmilk is best digested by babies. I remember my baby would cluster feed at that age too. It was exhausting but it didn't last long! Some babies are dairy sensitive so they may be reacting to dairy proteins in your milk but your pedi would be able to tell you if that is the case. Hope it gets better!
roni090909 responded:
Your milk is not bad LOL :smile: but your little one can be sensitive to something that you are eating, Ex, caffeine, dairy, tomatoes (acidic foods), greasy foods, prenatal vitamins, etc. At 2 weeks LO's eating schedules are all over the place, sometimes its every 3 hours and sometimes they want to eat every hour. Keep in mind they go through about 3 growth spurts before they hit a month old.

My LO was throwing up alot around the 2 week mark, its has stopped now but she still spits up some. I agree with PP keep the LO upright for 15 mins after feedings and make sure you are getting good burps out. If your LO keeps throwing up, talk to your pedi about it. Your LO might have reflux.
JessHeath responded:
Mine is doing cluster feeding too until he is just exhausted and then he will sleep for a 2-3 hours and then start again. I think its a growth spurt. As for the throwing up, it might be that you have too much milk, and he is gulping it along with air. Put him in an upright position and maybe have him take breaks during the feeding where you can burp him. I don't have a bouncer, thinking about getting one though, but I put him in a swing which helps work out the burps a bit.
MrsWolford responded:
Don't stop BF. Talk to your Ped. he could have tummy/intestine problems..that's what happened to my friend's baby. Mommy's Milk is sooo good for him don't stop it if you don't have to.
happymoe responded:
Don't stop BF if you don't have to. I noticed my baby would reflux more if I ate certain things. She would also act hungry but refuse the breast for a few items. Some that I avoided were cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, coffee, coke, chocolate, ice cream and milk, (yogurt and calcium supplements saved me there). I'm sure there was a couple others but it only lasted 3-4 weeks, then I slowly introduced these back into my diet and we seem to be all clear except the cabbage. That's one I've avoided entirely. =) Man I miss my lazyman cabbage rolls.

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