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Bedtime Routine
happymoe posted:
I've been procrastinating changing our bedtime routine. I've been breastfeeding our little one to sleep all along. She's 17w5d, and I really need to change things up. I also still swaddle her for overnight. She seems to stay asleep 6-8 hours that way. Naps in the daytime are swaddle free but she'll startle herself awake. She's already gotten pretty attached to her NuNu. It's a little 12"x12" blanket with a bunny head on the corner. She clutches that for naps, and I put it in the crib at bedtime but she can't grab it because of the swaddle.

She had her 4 month shots today, and the health nurse said to keep going with what works and didn't seem to be too worried about her teeth rotting overnight once they come in. I'd still like to change things up before she gets teeth.

Has anyone else gone this long breastfeeding to sleep and how was the battle to change? How did it go for those that stopped swaddling? Any little pointers that may make our process just a little easier? TIA
roni090909 responded:
You sound exactly like me with DS. I nursed him to sleep until around 3-4 months when he started waking every couple hours. Prior to that he was sleeping through the night since 7 weeks (10 hours). I also swaddled him until my DH found him face down against the bumper one night. He was around 4 months when this happened. He some how managed to roll over the sleep positioner while swaddled. Needless to say that was the last night he was swaddled. We just stopped and it didn't seem to affect DS at all. We did the normal bed time routine just didn't swaddle before bed. Just from my experience when your LO can roll over its time to stop swaddling.

The nursing to sleep was a little harder to stop. He had to learn how to put himself to sleep by himself. For this we had to do the modified version of CIO. It took about 3 nights but once he learned he was back to sleeping 12 hours straight. If you are okay nursing to sleep keep doing it but at some point you will want your LO to learn to put themselves to sleep.

My new LO is the opposite of DS. She hates to be swaddled and won't nurse to sleep. I really wish she would nurse to sleep. It would make my life so much easier.
momtobegrunden responded:
Don't worry about her teeth rotting overnight! Nursing to sleep will not do that; putting them to bed with a bottle will (meaning leaving the bottle with them in the crib).

At only 4 months old, I don't see a problem with nursing her to sleep, as long as you are OK with that. I nursed DS1 to sleep until he weaned at 14 months old. The bedtime session was the last one we gave up.

If you are concerned and really do want to stop nursing her to sleep, try nursing at the beginning of your bedtime routine. Maybe nurse first, then change diaper and pajamas, then rock for a bit, etc. Whatever works for you. If you start that now, she'll be used to it by the time her teeth come in!
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kefdc responded:
I say worry about teeth when they come in--by then she may be old enough to have a different routine. I asked my dentist about this--he said to "clean" them before the sleep overnight just wipe the teeth with a soft cloth to remove the milk, you can even do this while sleeping probably. As for brushing, etc, not sure when you do that but it can be done during the day I suppose.

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