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mucus/blood in stool
An_204544 posted:
my two week old has mucus and of specks of blood in her stool. I know she had a bowel movement bc she gets real fussy and she starts crying.i going to call her dr first thing in the am, but any answers will be great..
Guinnessstout responded:
I imagine that you've talked to your pediatrition by now and I hope that they've had answers for you.

One possibility for blood and mucous in her stools would be from a food allergy. Dairy is the most common. Are you formula feeding or breast feeding?

My DD had blood in her stool beginning at about 3 weeks. I am breastfeeding. I was already eating dairy free because I am allergic to dairy myself. Our pediatrition suggested I elimate soy. Within two weeks, the blood in her stools was gone.

If your pediatrition suggests an elimination diet, let me know if you have any questions. Dairy is present in many foods, so you have to read labels closely. Soy is even worse, but I would guess you may need to try dairy first because it really is the most common.

So that's my experience with bloody stools... hopefully you'll find answers soon. HTH and GL!
peachyisthelife responded:
I agree that it sounds like it can be an allergy (probably dairy). If not that, are her stools hard? If they're hard pebble-shaped, then it can be constipation, too. If doing formula, try lactose free or soy. If BFing, the previous gal gave good advice.
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Jennifer Shu, MD responded:
Thanks for your post. I hope you were able to get some guidance from your doctor today! There are many possible reasons for mucus and blood in the stool, ranging from a fissure (small tear in the folds of the anus) or an intestinal infection to food intolerance or allergies. It's important to figure out the cause of the symptoms before making any changes to your baby's diet (or yours if you are breastfeeding). Good luck!
An_254302 responded:
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