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Need advice ASAP about my 7 month old..
aidenron0506 posted:
I went and picked my son up yesterday from the baby sitters and when I walked in his cheecks were swollen and he had raised rashes on his lower chin and two more on his cheeks. The baby sitter told me he woke up from a nap and his face looked like that. He had carrots and banana and strawberry mixed jars of food yesterday which he has had before. He did not cry at all yesterday or last night and the rash on his chin went away but the rashes on his cheeks are still there but not as bad as yesterday. What do I do? I haven't taken him to the hospital yet because it is getting better but now Im really worried..Please help..
ReneeErin responded:
I'd just call the pediatrician and tell them what's going on. If they think he needs to come in, they'll tell you. It sounds like it's getting better, so I wouldn't be too worried.
phoenix31674 responded:
I can also be from teething. My DD got a rash that would start each morning on her hand and feet and move towards he trunk. This happened for close to a week before just going away and this was right before her first tooth broke through. If your concerned, call the doc, but it probably is nothing unless one of the jars of baby food was a new flavor he had only just started. It can take a few days for a negative reaction to show up.
crystal2883 responded:
My 9 month old also got similar rashes on his cheeks. I asked his pedi about it and he said that it could be any number of things. He told us to put fragrance free, dye free lotion on his checks like Lubriderm and a 1% cortizone cream on his checks one time a day and the rash cleared up in about a day.
Dan Brennan, MD responded:
How are the cheeks this morning?

Often times, having something like food or drool on the cheeks can cause a contact irritation that can appear as you described.

Keeping the area clean, dry and moisturized can often help, but it's never a bad ideas to let your doc know what's going on.

Dr. Dan

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