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Breast milk leaking from armpit...
An_204550 posted:
I just had my first baby 11 days ago and now that my milk has come in I've noticed that my underarm feels a little lumpy and there is milk leaking from it! Is this normal and how long will it last? I have had it for at least a week now. Will it go away when I stop breast feeding?
momtobegrunden responded:
I have not had that experience, but I do have a friend that talked about it happening to her. It's actually pretty common. You can have mammary tissue from your armpits down to your ribs, not just in your breasts!

You can try putting cabbage leaves under your arms. Some women use this to dry up their milk in their breast, too. It may not dry up, though, until you wean. My friend said she had to put towels under her arms when nursing to catch the milk.
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ReneeErin responded:
I have a third nipple and was leaking milk from it for a while. I asked the lactation consultant and she said that as long as I didn't express milk from it, it would dry up and go away. It has, thank goodness! I'm sure yours will fix itself soon. It took at least 2-3 weeks for mine to resolve.
happymoe responded:
My mother-in-law had the same problem. You're normal.

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