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turon360 posted:
hi my baby boy is 51/2 months and has a red swollen penis out the blue. Now here's what happen i gave him a bath like normal and applied his lotion like every day as normal, then after a hour i change his diaper and his penis is red and swollen, what do i do and is this normal?
j9ween2 responded:
how is it now? maybe one of your hairs got wrapped around it?
Janine (Tyler -5, Bella -3, and Giana -9 months born 8 weeks early)
Dan Brennan, MD responded:
That sounds so uncomfortable :( There could be several reasons including an infection, contact irritation from soap or lotion and as the previous posted alluded to - a hair tourniquet.

I'd recommend giving your doc a call and letting him/her take a look.

Hope that helps,

Dr. Dan
turon360 replied to j9ween2's response:
its getting better thanks for the tip
turon360 replied to Dan Brennan, MD's response:
well it was very uncomfortable for him even to touch it, but it did going away the next day. So it's weird how it just appeared out of no where, i never changed his soap or his lotions either, i also use the same brand of diapers too. but we are going to see the doc anyways but thank you for your response.

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