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An_204562 posted:
My Pedi said that we could start experimenting with solids and my son is 4 months... I started cereal but am nervous about anything else... what are you all doing? I read to start cereals, yellow veggies, fruits, green veggies, and then meats as they progress in age. I was thinking about going to sweet potatoes soon. Little man is a champ with a spoon and with eatting the cereal!

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phoenix31674 responded:
if he's good with the spoon, go veggies first just in case he develops a sweet tooth. With DD, I waited until 6 months and we did cereal and then on to things like Squash and carrots. I actually did sweet potatoes later in case they were too fruit like. I did make all my own food for her rather than buy the jars. i actually did green veggies before fruits, well other than avocado. That is a great food for babies. Full of healthy fats. Just blend it up with a little lemon juice to prevent browning and freeze it in an ice tray.
EMB2006 responded:
We started with Rice Cereal, then Oatmeal Cereal, moved to yellow veggies (started sweet potatoes first and LO loved it), moved to green veggies then did fruits last. This is the schedule our pedi gave us. LO is 5 months old now and has tried everything in Stage 1 food except prunes (going to do that this week just to make sure he can eat them in case we need to give them to him later) & the meat (not sure why they have Stage 1 meat). He now eats 6 jars of food and takes 21 oz of formula a day. Our LO loves his food & so far loves everything & hasn't had any reactions. Good luck & have fun-we have!! Meal time has become very entertaining!!
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happymoe responded:
I started our LO out with rice cereal at 4 months. I'm breastfeeding, so I only give her cereal once a day, usually at suppertime. She's had pears, sweet potatoes, apples, green beans, and butternut squash. I add a spoonful of what I have open to her cereal. I've been waiting 3 days in between each new taste. She has made a couple faces, but eats away. Next is carrots, then peaches. We don't have a pediatrician in our area, and our family doctor that we finally managed to find doesn't do a whole lot with babies. Most of our info comes from the health nurses that give the scheduled vaccinations. Health Canada recommends waiting until 6 months too, but our LO was following our utensils and grabbing out for them, so we started her earlier and she's loving it.

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