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flu in 3 yr old with newborn in house
lmcg666 posted:
have a 3 yr old grandbaby with flu. was given tamiflu today & told she would be contagious for 24/36 hrs. ??? is - ramifications for the newborn ? also - granpa has had flu shot for this yr. is he @ risk for the contagious factor ? help - SOON !! thx !
Emma_WebMD_Staff responded:
Sounds like grandpa will be ok if he had his flu shot. Did mom have a flu vaccine while pregnant with the newborn? When the 3 yr old was at the doctor was there mention of a newborn in the house? Newborns are highly suspectable to the flu, but here is the WebMD Flu Guide that might be useful.

You may want to call the pediatrician and ask what else needs to be done to help protect the newborn from getting the flu.

Good luck!
Jennifer Shu, MD responded:
Thanks for your question. It's great that grandpa got the flu shot this year. Did the 3 year old also get the vaccine? The flu infection that the 3 year old has could be a strain that's not included in the vaccine or if it was one of the strains, the 3 year old may end up with a mild case of the flu. Tamiflu works on some but not all strains to help a sick person feel better faster and possibly to make them less contagious. It can also be helpful if mom is breastfeeding. It's a good idea for anyone around a newborn to get the vaccine each year and for the newborn to stay away from a sick person until they are better (usually once the fever is gone for at least 24 hours). If the newborn gets sick despite good handwashing on everyone's part, covering coughs and sneezes, etc. it's important to contact the pediatrician. Good luck!

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