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Flying with 3 month old
An_204563 posted:
Im flying with my 3 month old baby next Wednesday and Im very nervous for her ears to bother her. I know they say to nurse during take off and landing, but what if shes sleeping? Do I let her sleep or wake her? What if she wont take the breast? Im soo nervous!!!
tamliz08 responded:
I flew with my son a month ago and he was 3 months old at that time. He did great! So much easier than when I flew with my DD at 18 months old.

If she's hungry at take off or landing, then go ahead and nurse her. If she's sleeping, then just let her sleep. Does she take a paci? That would probably be the easiest way to help her with her ears.

Safe travels!
happymoe responded:
I flew with my DD when she was 13 weeks old. I was nervous too, but I nursed her 20 minutes before the flight and she fell asleep in the cozy carrier. The flight was even late and she stayed asleep through take off and we had levelled off and I was just going to get a water when she woke up. She fussed a bit, I nursed her for a bit, then she proceeded to stand on my lap the next 25 minutes and stare at the other passengers. On landing, she just snuggled into my chest and the only time she cried was when I was trying to put her back into the cozy carrier to get off the plane.

The stewardess said I had to have her in the burping position for take off and landing. I wasn't allowed to nurse her at those times she said. I'm sure she would have changed her mind if my DD had been screaming lol.

I was pleasantly surprised how well it went. Don't sweat it.

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