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Flying with newborn
An_204565 posted:
Is it safe to fly with a 2 week old? If so, what are some helpful hints?
cjl0510 responded:
I flew with my LO at 2 weeks. He did great because the vibrations of the plane kept him alseep for most the time! My only reccomendation is to make sure you have a bottle, or pacifier for them on the desent of the plane. The cabin pressure changes, and if they can't pop their ears - you will have a screaming baby. Good luck!!
Jennifer Shu, MD responded:
Here is a short excerpt below from my book "Heading Home with Your Newborn"; you can also find more information at and

It is surprisingly common how often new parents end up faced with taking their newborns or young infants on an airplane. Whether you find yourself traveling by choice or because of a hard-to-cancel and far-away obligation, it should be reassuring to know that healthy term babies generally do just fine flying anytime after the first week or two. Parents, on the other hand, don't always fare so well. Especially during the time when your baby is younger than about 4 months, it's worth stopping and asking yourself whether the trip you are contemplating is optional. If you're unsure, then it is up to you to decide how fatigued you are from your recent and ongoing induction into parenthood, how much you like (or dislike) to travel, what seasonal germs you stand a good chance of running into along the way, and whether your baby is likely to be accommodating.

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